Our Projects

We work across a broad range of sectors and believe that planning and design should be undertaken in close collaboration with architects, planners, engineers and/or construction team as well as through community engagement to achieve well considered, inspirational and sustainable design solutions.

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Urban design essentially deals with how buildings fit together to make quality public spaces and places that gives a place its identity and defines quality of life. It is the art of shaping the interaction between people and places, environment and urban form and influencing the processes which lead to successful villages, towns and cities. At TBS, we practice a unique combination of good urban design and creative landscape architecture so as to manipulate the dynamics of the public realm. In its urban design work, the practice seeks to devise powerful typologies that are attuned to the specific landscape and public spaces within the urban fabric. We endeavour to fuse innovation and creativity with functionality, ensuring that the places we create, in partnership with the project team, are not just distinctive but sustainable and financially viable.


Memorable and desirable places for people to live and work can be created through perceptive design of the landscape and a thorough understanding of urban design processes. Throughout the design process, we aim to create well considered, vibrant spaces with a distinct sense of place, character and identity with meaningful connections to the local environs. By applying the principles of high quality, considered spatial design, TBS has contributed to numerous, successful award winning residential developments from conceptual site planning through to construction detailing.


There is only one opportunity to make a first impression, which is most successfully portrayed through high quality design that not only reinforces corporate identity, but enhances working environments for all who work and live there. In today’s competitive market, creating a well designed, sustainable environment to ensure and promote successful business is essential and at TBS this is an integral part of our design process.


Leisure is central to 21st Century life. However, outdoor recreation and tourism have an impact on the landscape, an impact that is often imperceptible, but that has the potential to be significant and unsustainable if poorly developed or managed. TBS have been involved in many high profile schemes within the leisure and tourism sector. We understand the potential threats and pressures that certain leisure type developments pose on the landscape and, in combination with the design team, ensure that they are ‘designed out’ to provide high quality, sustainable places that also enhance the visitor experience.


At TBS, we recognize the importance of education and health in our daily lives and understand how good design can have an impact on the places where these services are provided. We aim to create places that can enhance education and health by providing inspirational and healing spaces. In the health sector, evidence tells us that linking patients with nature hastens recovery. We model all our healthcare projects on this premise, expanding the concept to meet the needs of a multiplicity of architectural concepts and models of care.


Traditionally, landscape / environmental planning has been based predominantly on the inter-disciplinary study of environmental systems, focusing on the sciences and economics. However, building a more environmentally stable future clearly requires greater vision and a wider perspective to incorporate social, ecological and economic considerations, improving in a real and sustainable way, the quality of life for all citizens today and into future. At TBS, we aim to merge the practice of urban planning with landscape planning to provide well considered, sustainable solutions within the decision making process. Green infrastructure planning, visual assessment and appropriate assessment are important components of our work. Our understanding of ecological systems and environmental performance underpins all of our design thinking. This helps to harmonize new development within the natural environment, strengthen local landscape and biodiversity resources, facilitate the planning process and provide tangible richness to the individual user.


High profile design competitions provide the opportunity for the practice to continue to express creativity and contemporary design. We believe that the expressive and sometimes experimental nature of design competitions is important in re-defining what urbanism and landscape design can achieve, as well as understanding its influence on urban living. Our inspirational waterside location is the perfect setting for conceiving innovative solutions as each designer communicates their thoughts and ideas.